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The Castle Vault - A chronological deep-dive of Disney, PIXAR, and Marvel films/shows powered by Disney Plus

Apr 12, 2022

Welcome to the 123rd episode of The Castle Vault! In this week's journey exploring the famed Disney Vault through the Disney Plus streaming service, we finish the third of MCU television shows with the final three episodes of ... LOKI!

In this episode, we wrap up the first season of Loki, which didn't wrap it all up with a nice and neat bow like the previous shows tried to do. We met a bunch of new Lokis, we learned what the TVA was all about, and we met the most fascinating villain we've had a very long time, in He Who Remains. The final three episodes had a ton to offer, but did it really make the show any better than previous Disney Plus offerings?

All this and more in Episode 123 of the Castle Vault!

Stay magical, friends. 

Show Rundown

  • Intro
  • Housekeeping
  • #CastleVaultCooking - APPLES 
  • Disney Plus check-in
  • Count the Clicks
  • The Castle Vault - LOKI EP. 4-6 (2021)
  • Comic Connections
  • Commercial Success
  • Super Sidekicks
  • Marvelous Moments
  • The Castle Vault MCU Mixtape
  • Allusions Assemble
  • Tech Time
  • Post Credit ... Where It's Due
  • Talkin’ Tie-ins
  • By the Numbers
  • The Hierarchy 
  • I Spy ... With My One Good Eye
  • Mild Manner SHOW Title
  • Five Fun Facts
  • Tough Trivia Time
  • Emails
  • We Recommend!


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